AMTEX is one of the most popular international exhibitions to Taiwan's machine tool suppliers. They love to participate in all kinds of valuable trade shows and AMTEX is of course on the top of their exhibition list.

AMTEX 2022 - AMTEX 2022

AMTEX 2022 Show NameAsian Machine Tool Exhibition
AMTEX 2022 Show DatesJuly 22, 2022 - July 25, 2022
AMTEX 2022 Show VenuePragati Maidan
AMTEX 2022 Show CityNew Delhi, India

North India's biggest exhibition on metal cutting and machine tools industry.

AMTEX 2022 is one of the biggest exhibition and Asia's most authoritative event on Machine Tools and Metal Cutting Industry. AMTEX 2022 is an ideal podium to display the technological progress achieved by various machine tools and auto component industries. AMTEX 2022 will be held on 22-25 July 2022 in New Delhi, India. AMTEX 2022 helps in the development of the product field and presents a wide range of products and services in front of a large number of attendees who will be present at the show. AMTEX 2022 spread over 25,000 sqm exhibition space, the AMTEX 2022 is expected to bring together more than 600 exhibitors, over 25,000 trade visitors from more than 120 countries.

AMTEX 2022 creates an ultimate marketplace that offers unique business, learning and networking opportunities.

Features of AMTEX 2022

The feature of AMTEX 2022 is that industry conferences and open-floor workshops, buyer delegations from neighboring countries, VIP buyer program, Co-located Automation & Robotics exhibition, bigger exhibition space catering to over 600 exhibitors, and increased participation from global companies.

Exhibiting at AMTEX 2022

AMTEX 2022 provides the ultimate business solutions for the meetings and events industry, uniting an elite class of buyers from India and around the world. The exhibitors of AMTX 2022 benefit from the opportunity to meet with a range of international and regional buyers who have the authority to place real business. Over the years, the AMTX 2022 has established itself as the must-attend event with more than 25,000 industry visitors.

AMTEX 2022 would launch the knowledge-rich conferences, multiple workshops cover a variety of relevant topics with participation from industry experts. The exhibitors of the AMTX 2022 would be covered at metalworking, metal cutting, metal forming, tooling, quality, metrology, automation, and robotics to create an overall experience for the attending visitors. Attendees AMTEX 2022 to get four days of power-packed inter-industry business opportunities within the Metal Cutting, Metal Forming and Tooling sector.

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Visiting AMTEX 2022

AMTEX 2022 is the most preferred machine tools exhibition in India bringing the entire machine industry, and complete buying chain, together for four days. AMTEX 2022 gathers together the most senior buyers from across India and the globe, so even if you’re not there, you can guarantee that your competitors and colleagues will be. The entire industry will be present at AMTEX 2022.

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